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About The Luv Parlor

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The LUV Parlor is an organization built for building on Love. It doesn't matter if you just met, or you've been together for years. Like anything else in life, you never stop learning. Our founders, Catrese "Queen Diamond" Alston, and Davon " Saga Boss" Alston, who were recently married, want to help other couples with marriage as a goal get there, but believe a key component is surrounding themselves with other strong couples they can feed from. We all have had good and bad experiences, but the difference is so many people today are quick to give up because of outside influences. When you have people around that want to see you do better and encourage you, it can make a world of difference.

The plan is to build a team of couples that want to learn from people that have been through some things, and also have come out on the other side of the experience better than they were. Relationships can be hard work, and having a strong support system can help you through the rough times. Just a word of ecouragement can make the difference in some decisions. Positive influences and atmospheres can help us become better and be the help someone else may need.

So we are here to build and work with those who are looking for the village our elders use to talk about. Where they all played a part in each others lives. Our slogan is #WeGotUs, meaning no matter what, we will be here for each other. A group of solid, supportive friends and family to grow together.


Saga Boss

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Queen Diamond

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